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Home alone today. One of those days where I’d have the house spick and span before my husband comes home if I were more domestic. But I’m not, apparently, at least not today. I had a friend over for coffee so I suppose I can count that as an achievement for the day. Still wearing sweatpants though (it’s 3:19pm). Being pregnant,¬†I fully believe that self-care is the most important thing that I do, but I’m still debating¬†whether a day of total sloth counts as self-care or not. Tea and yoga and a bundled walk on the beach might be more appropriate? But then I truly miss the day of utter laziness that I feel owed by the end of a work week.

I suppose the trick is to not feel guilty about it. If the day is going to be absolutely lazy, commit to it. Hot chocolate in bed, teen mom re-runs (oh yes, really) and maybe a shower. Hedonistic, sloth-ful bliss. Tomorrow maybe I will start on my apartment therapy January cure…or maybe not.


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