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Some things change: a location, a job, an education, a life stage, a boyfriend. Some things stay the same: treasuring slow calm moments with beautiful ingredients, a belief in the inherent equality and dignity of all people, a desire for connection, family, and love.

So here I sit, 3000 miles and five years from the last post on this blog. And here I sit, married, pregnant, barefoot, in the kitchen most days, and still a feminist (with an extra degree and theoretical orientation to back it up). Life has felt like a constant transition, progress towards the new and different and hopefully better, for a few years now but perhaps never more than now. There is life growing inside me, the leaves will fall and be reborn before I meet this little human, and I am constantly pondering the daunting task of raising a curious, kind, and happy child in this world and time.

Putting more and more pieces together in what will be this little one’s room this morning and sipping hot chocolate in the chair where I will rock them to sleep on many many nights, I can’t help but wonder where this progress will bring us in the next year – or five?


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